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 • Checklist #1: The Ultimate Repurposing Checklist
 • Checklist #2: The Productivity Tools & Beyond Checklist
 • Checklist #3: The "Distraction Killer" Checklist
 • Checklist #4: The Get Creative Again! Checklist
 • Checklist #5: The Mental Health Mastery Checklist
 • Checklist #6: The "My Write” Environment Checklist
 • Checklist #7: The Fiction Book Organization Checklist
 • Checklist #8: The Non-Fiction Book Organization Checklist
 • Checklist #9: The "What You Should Really be Saying" Copyright Page Checklist
 • Checklist #10: The Quotable Quotes Checklist
 • Checklist #11: The "Thank-You Page That Reinforces the Sale" Checklist
 • Checklist #12: The "Profitable Writer's Guide to Editing" Checklist
 • Checklist #13: The Free Editors Ultimate Resource Checklist
 • Checklist #14: The Paid Editors Who Make You More Money Checklist
 • Checklist #15: The Accountability Partners Productivity Checklist

11 of My Most Popular Publishing Checklists:

 • Checklist #16: The Publishing Overview Checklist
 • Checklist #17: The Publishing Options Research Checklist
 • Checklist #18: The "Writer's Guide to Accounts Setup" Checklist (Including ISBNs)
 • Checklist #19: The "Book Cover Design Rules" Checklist
 • Checklist #20: The Exclusive "Library of Congress Guide" Checklist
 • Checklist #21: The "Legal Use of Images to Keep You Out of Trouble" Checklist
 • Checklist #22: The "Interior Book Expert Layout" Checklist
 • Checklist #23: The "Book Printing Essentials" Checklist
 • Checklist #24: The "Book Pricing Do's and Dont's" Checklist
 • Checklist #25: The E-Book and Kindle Pro Checklist
 • Checklist #26: The Final Registrations Checklist

11 of My "Secret" Book Marketing Checklists:

 • Checklist #27: The "Category Research Masters" Checklist
 • Checklist #28: The "Book Reviews That Matter" Checklist
 • Checklist #29: The Author Bio Checklist
 • Checklist #30: The Advertising Page Checklist
 • Checklist #31: The "Find Your Who" Target Audience Checklist
 • Checklist #32: The Author Platform Checklist
 • Checklist #33: The "Be Everywhere" Social Media Marketing Checklist
 • Checklist #34: The "Don't be Like Everyone Else's Author Website" Checklist
 • Checklist #35: The Amazon Author Central "Stand Apart" Checklist
 • Checklist #36: The "Book Launch Secrets of the Pros" Checklist
 • Checklist #37: The "Profitable Marketing Plan Creation" Checklist

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Bonuses #1-6: 
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 • Bonus #1: Pen Name Checklist
 • Bonus #2: Children’s Book Illustration Checklist
 • Bonus #3: Book Signing Checklist
 • Bonus #4: Best Seller Checklist
 • Bonus #5: Zero/Low-Content Book Ideas Checklist
 • Bonus #6: Virtual Book Tour Checklist
Bonuses #7-11:
This exclusive Book Ninja Resources Guide ($100 Value) includes quick links to the top resources for authors including:

 • Bonus #7: Helpful articles on self-publishing, book printing, Library of Congress info, book marketing, and more!
 • Bonus #8: Best Author Associations
 • Bonus #9: Top book printers for on-demand and offset printing
 • Bonus #10: The best author tools for getting that first (or next) book written
 • Bonus #11: Kindle/E-Book publishing resources
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 • Bonus #12: Idea Generation, How to come up with new ideas, how to look at source material for different ideas, how exactly Kristen Joy created 20+ ideas from just one source, and more!
 • Bonus #13: From Idea to Done, How to decide which idea to do first, how to keep up your passion and drive, quick ways to get your book out of idea stage and into implementation stage, and more!
 • Bonus #14: Money Mindset Matters, Excuses, the “poverty mindset,” what stops the money flow, how to get money flowing again, the big secret to “mind over matter” (Does it really exist?), and more!
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